Receiving Your SWITCH Vehicle: A 4-Step Guide

1) Download and print out all chapters of the Build Procedure for your vehicle. Click here to access the content. If you haven’t added yourself as a member of the Curriculum Club, register by clicking here. You will need your product/coupon code to access the downloadable content.

2) Complete the Receiving/Inventory Checklist for each box:

  • Establish a separate, secure location for unpacking, organizing, and storing the materials for each step. Each box has a separate packing slip. One at a time, open each box and carefully identify and receive each item in the box.  Use the packing list and check each item off as it is received.
  • Use the chapters for the Build Procedure to organize the components for each step.  The beginning of each chapter has a photographic Parts Glossary.  Use these sections to identify each part.  Call or write the SWITCH Lab for help identifying any parts.
  • Keep all packing material: Some parts are small, light, and packed separately in bubble wrap or paper. Unwrap and flatten all packing materials, and store all packing materials until all parts are received.


If we do not receive notification of shortages within 7 days, any missing parts will be your responsibility.

We have found that items that have been shipped and received have later disappeared either through loss or theft, so careful organization and secure storage of all components is strongly recommended.

3) If you purchased a Lithium Traction Battery, begin the balancing process outlined in Chapter 20.

Find a location where the pack can safely be assembled and monitored during the balancing process. (Please note: the assembled lithium battery pack weighs 136lbs!)

4) Download and print the manuals for your Battery Charger, Motor Controller, and Battery Management System (BMS) (Lithium cells). Begin familiarizing yourself and your students with all the documentation for your kit. Support from The SWITCH Lab assumes access and familiarity with this documentation.

The following is a visual compilation of all the parts included in a DC SWITCH kit. Large/heavy items are shipped by truck/trailer and smaller items are boxed. (Note: Jack stands are not included.)


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