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“Talented amateurs don’t just build kits; kits help build talented amateurs. And healthy innovation cultures – and successful innovation economies – need the human capital that their talent embodies. Kits are integral, indispensable, and invaluable ingredients for new value creation.” -Michael Schrage, Make Magazine February 2012

We aim to support generations of makers and drive the world’s switch to sustainable energy. At Switch Vehicles, we design handcrafted EV Kits that empower students & makers of all ages to dream big, travel far, maximize fun & adventure daily.

We envision a world powered by renewable energy, driven by innovation and a shared commitment to empower future generations with the tools and resources to thrive. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an experienced inventor, our kits spark the innate human capacity to create and innovate. Once the base is put together, there are endless upgrades & modifications you can add. The sky’s the limit!

So why kits?

What most people do not know was that Watt and his partner Matthew Boulton did not begin selling steam engines to power the industrial revolution, they sold steam engine kits! Indeed kits powered the industrial revolution.

– Watt sold steam engine kits circa 1776.
– Henry Ford sold one vehicle that spawned a whole industry of entrepreneurs who built upgrades for the “Black Ford.”
– In 1910, seven years after the Wright brothers first flight, Popular Mechanics published free airplane plans.
– Sony founders, Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka, sold kits to convert AM radios to shortwave radios.

Call it bottom-up mechanisms or “Kitonnomics,” the role of kits in the creation of innovative technology continues to be as important as ever.

Microsoft, Apple and Sony trace their origins to original products to the kit. Microsoft started as a software supplier to DIY computer kit builders, the original Apple Computers were built from kits and Sony leveraged their original radio kits into an electronics giant.

Driven by a passion for innovative technologies and ecological solutions, The Switch was created to drive the switch to sustainable fuel sources & support generations of entrepreneurs, creating a positive future.

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